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The Crane in the Clouds Genshin Impact Web Event Guide – Expert Game Reviews

There is a new fun web event from Genshin Impact that promotes the new upcoming character Shenhe. You will need to help Shenhe in her training by solving different clues and following Genshin Impact social pages. but for participating you will get rewards including 40 primogems. Follow the guideline below to make it quick.

The Crane in the Clouds

In two words it is a casual web event where you will need to share it with your friends or like Genshin Impact social pages. A quick hint for you. If you don’t want to share the event, but want to receive the rewards just click on the link “share the link” and it will count as if you shared it so you get the rewards.

Duration: 12/31/2021 12:00 – 1/4/2022 23:59 (UTC+8)
Requirments: Adventure Rank 10 or above

The Crane in the Clouds is simple training for Shenhe. There are three parts of it which you can finish in one minute each. Go to the page of the event – click here. Authorize your account and have fun.

Each chapter will ask you to share the event and like or subscribe to one particular social page: FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. You can just follow the link if you don’t feel like following Genhin social pages.

You will find easy tasks through Shenhe’s training. Like calligraphy, gathering and meditation. But first, you will need to reveal the writing from the Adepti.

The Crane in the Clouds

The game will ask you to share the event. As we have already mentioned you can just copy the link. On the revelled writing you will see the hints of what to do on the game page. Like collets scripts or flowers.

The Crane in the Clouds

Click on all the appropriate objects and you will see the message with the active tasks for you. The example is below.

The Crane in the Clouds

No need to follow actually, clicking on “Go” will be enough. After that, you will get your rewards.

The Crane in the Clouds

When you finish one chapter click “Return to the scroll” to continue the training.

The Crane in the Clouds

Complete each chapter of the Crane in the Clouds event to receive all the rewards. It is a very fast and easy event. So you can get your free primogems in no time.

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