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UK caster Aux joins LPL English language broadcast team for 2022

UK League of Legends (LoL) colour caster Dan ‘Aux’ Harrison has joined the Chinese LPL English language broadcast team.

Aux made the announcement that he will be a full-time caster with the LPL in 2022 on New Year’s Eve.

The news comes after Aux had a successful stint as an LPL guest caster during the Summer 2021 Season.

Aux has a storied history in UK League of Legends, having played as support for Excel Esports for almost two years, helping Excel win their first ESL Prem in late 2017, before transitioning into casting.

Aux has cast the NLC – the European Regional League (ERL) for the UK, Ireland and Nordics – as well as the now-defunct UKLC and the Summer 2021 Amazon European Masters.

Now he’s making an impact in Chinese League of Legends, and will be covering matches between orgs including the likes of current Worlds champions Edward Gaming, Team WE, FunPlus Phoenix, LNG, Royal Never Give Up, Top Esports and more.

The LPL English-speaking broadcast talent line-up this Summer included UK caster Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny, Irish casters Robert ‘Dagda’ Price and Oisín Molloy, Australian caster Jake ‘Hysterics’ Osypenko and North American casters Jordan ‘Lyric’ Corby, Alex ‘Magical’ Whieldon and Lennon ‘Mazel’ White.

Esports News UK understands several of these will return to the English-speaking LPL broadcast team in 2022 – an official announcement is expected in the next few days.

Oisín and Dagda also cast World 2021 a few months ago.

Last week, Aux told Esports News UK in this feature on the NLC in 2022: “The general pay level [for players] has risen so much, and while it has become more expensive to compete with other ERLs, it has allowed the UK to compete a bit better – we’ve been closer to winning the EU Masters than ever before. And I do think LEC academy teams benefit from stronger competition.”

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