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Is Gordon Ramsay heading to Twitch? Celebrity chef reaches out to livestreaming platform asking ‘what the f*** is Twitch’ and hears back from xQc

F****** hell – could Britain’s popular potty-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay be heading to a Twitch stream soon?

It seems a possibility after Chef Ramsay interacted with Twitch, big streamer xQc and others on Twitter recently.

It all started when this clip – which has racked up more than half a million views on Twitter – showed Ramsay asking: “What the f*** is Twitch?”

This prompted the online community to offer to help him understand what the livestreaming platform is all about.

Gordon changed his Twitter bio to: “Always near food… doesn’t know what Twitch is.”

Twitch has since changed its bio to: “@GordonRamsay scrambled egg recipe stan account.”

He then reached out to Twitch direct, asking the Amazon-owned company to give him a lesson all about the streaming service:

Popular streamer xQc then reached out to Gordon Ramsay as well, offering to give him a free rundown.

Ramsay responded with a cheeky tweet, which also promoted his new TV show, Next Level Chef, in the process.

There’s been what’s called a ‘Master Chef meta’ on Twitch in recent months, and IRL cooking streams have grown in popularity in recent years.

The Master Chef meta has seen streamers watch Gordon Ramsay shows live on stream, which technically breaks Twitch’s terms of service. So who knows how Ramsay may react to that when he finds out about it – his broadcast partners certainly won’t be pleased. But maybe some middle-ground can be found.

Gordon Ramsay has 7.5m followers on Twitter – he’s well-known with boomers and zoomers alike.

Chef Ramsay has been a sensation on the small screen for years – could he make the leap to Twitch in the future? If so, let’s hope the British icon doesn’t make an idiot sandwich of himself in the process, as he learns about the streaming world.

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