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Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Play? Answered


Today marks the release of Deep Rock Galactic for PlayStation consoles, and for free if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. But seeing as the game has been out since early 2018 for Xbox consoles, it’s nice to see where the game’s at with a new port to flashy hardware. We’ll start with if there is cross-play in Deep Rock Galactic.

Is there Cross-Play in Deep Rock Galactic?

There is good and bad news depending on your console preference.

For PlayStation players wanting cross-play in Deep Rock Galactic, seeing as the game is a release on both PlayStation 4 and 5, there is definitely cross-generation play. Meaning someone with a PS5 can easily play with a friend on a PS4. Seeing as there are games that don’t do this (or don’t do it right at launch), this is at least nice for bridging the generation gap.

For Xbox Players, buying the game from the Microsoft Store guarantees it will work on both PC and Xbox as the game is among the Play Anywhere titles. However, this does not mean that an Xbox player will be able to play with someone who purchases the game outside of the Microsoft Store. An example would be if the game was bought on Steam.

You can find the original breakdown here on the official page for cross-play in Deep Rock Galactic, but it says:

  • By buying the game from the Microsoft Store you own it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 Store (Microsoft Store).
  • The Game support [sic] Cross Platform Play. This means that the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store Version (Microsoft Store) are able to play together. IMPORTANT NOTE: This also means that you are NOT able to play with people, who have bought the STEAM version.
  • Your Progress is saved across Xbox One and Windows 10 Store version (Microsoft Store).

Unfortunately, this is the closest you will get and that is all there is to share on possible cross-play in Deep Rock Galactic.

If you’re wanting a look at what Deep Rock Galactic is before you jump in, here’s the launch trailer coinciding with the new PlayStation version(s).

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