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Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer? Answered


With the first Tuesday of the month, a new set of PS+ games has arrived. This month gives subscribers Deep Rock Galactic for free on launch, but players who can’t get to it right away might have a few questions. While we have answered the question of potential cross-play in the game, we’ll now cover whether there is splitscreen multiplayer in Deep Rock Galactic.

Is there Splitscreen Multiplayer in Deep Rock Galactic?

To put it plainly, no, there is not an option for splitscreen multiplayer in Deep Rock Galactic.

Those wanting to play with friends (within the same console platforms) will have to do so online. Deep Rock Galactic supports up to 4-player co-op, which considering the game being free on PlayStation Plus offers a perfect time to gather your friends if that is your console of choice. Your only other option is playing the game solo, sorry to say.

The game does make it easy to both invite friends and make sure the party is blocked off to be only available to friends. It’s not exactly the same, but it does give you the game night with the friends feeling.

That’s all there is to share on if there is Splitscreen Multiplayer in Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic has followed an interesting timeline up until now. After Deep Rock Galactic originally released as part of Steam Early Access, the game was announced in for the Xbox One in 2017 as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. Deep Rock Galactic then left Steam Early Access (and Xbox Game Preview) in May 2020. Following the full release, by January of 2021, Deep Rock Galactic had sold two million copies. After a huge content update in November of last year, Deep Rock Galactic saw another spike in sales and it is now sitting somewhere north of three million copies sold.

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