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PSVR 2 games: what we expect to play on PlayStation VR 2

PSVR 2, Sony’s next-generation of virtual reality on PS5, is officially on the way. While PSVR 2 was officially announced in 2021, with only a glimpse of the PSVR 2 controllers revealed, Sony has now confirmed that its next-gen VR is called PlayStation VR 2 and will be accompanied by the PlayStation VR 2 Sense controller. According to Sony, this new hardware will boast high-fidelity visuals, new sensory features, and enhanced tracking.

In addition to the reveal of PSVR 2, Sony also announced its first PSVR 2 game: Horizon Call of the Mountain. Being developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a VR spin-off of the popular PlayStation Horizon series that will see us venturing into the wilds once more in a brand-new adventure.

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