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Expedition Mutators could be the solution to New World’s end game

Ever since its September 2021 launch, New World has had a difficult time delivering a meaningful end-game experience. Many players who reach the end game are disappointed in how hollow and repetitive the grind can get. Thankfully, developer Amazon Game Studios is testing out a potential solution with Expedition Mutators being tested on the New World PTR servers.

These modifiers make it possible for enemies to have different perks depending on the given week. The main advantage of this is that it would make expeditions less repetitive and more unpredictable. For example, the Eternal mutation gives enemies Void Resist II, making void-based damage a far weaker choice whilst active.

The new end game

The addition of Expedition Mutators allows for more difficult content to be introduced into New World. Harder content means an opportunity for the developers to add better rewards and drops, and that is exactly what Amazon Game Studios has done. Alongside modifiers, the PTR will introduce various new bespoke gear and resources. These new items will provide end-game players with an opportunity to increase their power level higher than ever before.

Amazon describes the toughest modifiers as”extremely difficult,” so players should prepare themselves for a brutal learning curve. The new top-end expeditions will require optimized equipment and flawless mechanics to overcome. If this delivers as promised, Expedition Mutators has a real chance of being the meaningful end game content that New World players have been longing for.

The current design for Expedition Mutators is available to test out on the PTR test realm right now. All players who opt-in will get a set of starting 600 Gear Score equipment to take part. Equally, a generous amount of keys have been provided, making it easy to access and host as many expeditions as desired. Those wanting to provide feedback on the Mutators can do so on the official New World forum.

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