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NLC 2022 caster line-up announced: Jamada, Trouble and more return, with Nymaera, Initialise and others joining full-time

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The NLC, the League of Legends European Regional League (ERL) for the UK, Ireland and Nordics, has announced its talent line-up for 2022.

Casters Hiprain, Guldborg, Jamada and Troubleinc have returned to helm the new NLC under Freaks 4U Gaming.

The tournament organiser has also brought on board Viperoon, Initialise and Nymaera, who were guest casters last year. The production will be broadcast from Berlin.

All of these casters are British except for Guldborg (Denmark), Troubleinc (Greece) and Archarom (Portugal).

One new face in the line-up is Portuguese caster Archarom, who has a long history in the Portuguese ERL: the LPLOL. In 2021, he was often paired up with Ahnyfar in the LPLOL, who also cast some UKEL matches.

Faces that aren’t in the announcement include host/caster Excoundrel, who has joined PR agency The Story Mob, and Aux, who recently joined the Chinese LPL English broadcast team.

However, the NLC, under previous organisers DreamHack, had many guests in the past such as Medic, Foxdrop, Froskurinn and Chronicler to name a few, so guest casters could still be a possibility.

The NLC adopted a new multi-division league ecosystem last summer, and at this time it’s not clear whether Division 2 and below will have separate broadcasts or not.

The NLC is an accredited ERL, which means it’s expected to host one offline event per year, however it is unknown at this point if the NLC will have an offline event amid the pandemic.

With F4U taking over and Riot Games standardising the ERLs across the board, in terms of format, prizing and more, the NLC’s top division will be looking very different for 2022.

12 teams have been reduced to 10, all teams will play in a single group and those teams were chosen after the NLC calibration tournament for Division 1.

Sources have also told ENUK that €200,000 has been made available in prizing and financial subsidies for NLC teams after Riot’s implementation of the new rules for the ERLs.

Standardisation also means the 2022 ERLs will share the same start dates. NLC Division 1 begins on January 10th 2022 while Division 2 starts on January 25th.

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