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Why I’m grieving E3 | TechRadar

Comic book fans have Comic-Con, motorbike enthusiasts have Sturgis, film fanatics have Cannes and motorheads have Goodwood. Whatever your hobby or interest, there’s probably one mammoth event to celebrate it that’s on your bucket list.

For gamers, that event is usually E3 – or, at least, it was. While E3 is technically a trade show, over the years the event has grown to become a celebration of gaming: media attends to report on the biggest upcoming games while fans attend to get their hands on the newest releases and to be among like-minded individuals. I can only describe it as a paradise for gamers.   Where else would the average person have the chance to play the upcoming Borderlands ahead of its release? To meet their favorite Twitch streamer in the flesh? Or even run into the cast of 13 Reasons Why?

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