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NLC Spring 2022 roster roundup for Division 1 and Division 2

The NLC is back! Competitive League of Legends returned to the UK, Ireland and Nordics this evening as the first Division 1 Spring 2022 games kicked off.

After a long off-season, which got the NLC community talking, saw prizing revealed and the NLC 2022 casters announced, Megalodontus rounds up all the teams and players in NLC Division 1 and 2. You can also see the day 1 results here.

NLC Division 1 teams and rosters

After Freaks 4U Gaming took on NLC organising duties from DreamHack, it ran a calibration tournament to determine which ten teams would reach Division 1, which has a single group.

Many teams from last summer have gone, notably Fnatic Rising, Godsent, Galaxy Racer, KOVA Esports, Nordavind (now 00 Nation), Tricked Esport (NLC summer champions), Resolve and Granit Gaming. However, some newcomers have joined, like X7 and Astralis Talent.

The NLC also recently announced Kit Kat will be returning as an official partner of the ERL.

These are the 10 teams that will be in Division 1 for Spring 2022:

Astralis Talent

  • Top lane: Carlsen
  • Jungler: Taxer
  • Mid lane: Chres
  • Bot lane: Chrisberg
  • Support: Wendelbo
  • Head Coach: Donby

JD Excel

JD Excel really made headlines when Kikis, a veteran top laner/jungler in the European scene, was rumoured to roleswap to support. The NLC stream also revealed that the team are going by the name JD Excel now (instead of BT XL), despite no official announcement just yet.

  • Top lane: Kryze
  • Jungler: Dan
  • Mid lane: EMENES
  • Bot lane: Zamulek
  • Support: Kikis
  • Head Coach: Torok


  • Top lane: Eyliph
  • Jungler: Viking
  • Mid lane: Backlund
  • Bot lane: Venzer
  • Support: FGG
  • Head Coach: Zen


  • Top lane: Shikari
  • Jungler: Cboi
  • Mid lane: Furuy
  • Bot lane: Odi11
  • Support: DuaLL
  • Head Coach: D2K

MNM Gaming

They left it late, they left it great – MNM announced their roster earlier today:

  • Top lane: Bobista
  • Jungler: Kanna
  • Mid lane: RoyalKanin
  • Bot lane: Mishigu
  • Support: DrChaos
  • Head Coach: ikkine

X7 Esports

X7’s LoL roster turned heads – it features two Korean import players including jungler Haru, who was part of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Worlds winning roster.

  • Top lane: Jaeger
  • Jungler: Haru
  • Mid lane: Tempt
  • Bot lane: Nata
  • Support: Kasing
  • Head Coach: Nias

Team Singularity

Singularity are fielding a student-only team this season.

  • Top lane: Tatuy
  • Jungler: pawp
  • Mid lane: Muter
  • Bot lane: Zpkiee
  • Support: JeppeHou
  • Head Coach: Rai


Vanir initially had a cheeky joke announcement before their official one embedded below.

  • Top lane: Nille
  • Jungler: Noodle
  • Mid lane: Sahira
  • Bot lane: Kehvo
  • Support: Quixeth
  • Head Coach: Flash


  • Top lane: Petoska
  • Jungler: de sidere
  • Mid lane: Eyhro
  • Bot lane: Azitor
  • Support: Abagnale
  • Head Coach: Sotze

Riddle Esports

  • Top lane: Kektz
  • Jungler: MC
  • Mid lane: SlowQ
  • Bot lane: FatihCan
  • Support: Nukes
  • Head Coach: Dont Ban Nida

NLC Division 2 teams and rosters

Teams that didn’t make the cut in the Division 1 calibration tournament also got to try their hand at qualifying for Division 2, since the Telia Leagues and the UKLC system have been revamped/combined into Division 2.

While Nox Esports have recently announced they will be ceasing all operations and we have yet to see who takes over (and several team rosters are to be confirmed), these are the current teams for Division 2. We’ll update this article when the confirmed rosters are announced.

Lundqvist Lightside

  • Top lane: Zvene
  • Jungler: Svikter
  • Mid lane: Tjockpung
  • Bot lane: Sayna
  • Support: Touch
  • Head Coach: wicked


Verdant have yet to announce their roster. A report from Upcomer listed the following roster:

  • Top lane: Valkyrie
  • Jungler: I am Kees
  • Mid lane: Erixen
  • Bot lane: Draconium
  • Support: Winter
  • Head Coach: Surza

Munster Rugby Gaming


Domino esports

  • Top lane: RIPPED
  • Jungler: Sidon
  • Mid lane: Shaolin
  • Bot lane: Kris
  • Support: Denden
  • Head Coach: Blodsteel

Lucent Esports






AaB Esport


(Nox’s replacement)


Fløng Esports Elite


NLC’s Division 1 began today and Division 2 starts on January 25th. You can catch the action on the NLC Twitch channel.

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