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Scottish Valorant player Avexic released by esports organisation Skelp after being accused of sexual assault and grooming minors

Scottish Valorant player Zander ‘Avexic’ Fraser has been let go from his esports organisation after being accused of sexual assault and grooming minors.

The 18-year-old was IGL (in-game leader) for Scottish organisation Skelp, who have this morning published a statement on the matter.

“Avexic no longer represents Skelp in any capacity,” Skelp said in this Twitlonger post. “We stand for being an open, welcoming and safe organisation and will continue to do that moving forward.

“For anyone impacted by a similar situation, we would urge you to use these very helpful resources: the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, Women’s Aid and Refuge.

“We won’t be commenting on the situation further while we investigate it from a legal perspective.”

Early this morning, Twitter user bebaberry_ published a Twitlonger detailing her experiences with Avexic [content warning – sexual assault, grooming, rape].

She said she began dating Avexic when she was 15 years old, that he asked for nude and underage images from her and that he ‘was into rape play and age play’.

“Avexic no longer represents Skelp in any capacity. We stand for being an open, welcoming and safe organisation and will continue to do that moving forward.”


“The first time we met he forced me on several occasions to touch him and do things to him,” bebaberry said. “I wasn’t ready at all and I made him aware of this and said no every time. This continued every time we met, he would force me to do things then apologise over text and manipulate me into dropping it.

“He’s continued to sexually assault me, the most recent time being in November, I told him he was hurting me and I asked him to stop, he continued and told me afterwards he liked that I was crying and he liked that it felt like r*pe to him.

“Recently I’ve been thinking the relationship over, and after everything I’ve been through I decided to leave him and cut him off. My main goal is to prevent this happening again, I know how people tend to react to these things but I don’t think negative comments on either part will do any good.”

Bebaberry also said Avexic had allegedly dated a 13-year-old girl when he was aged around 16/17. When confronted about the girl being underage, Avexic allegedly said in the screenshots: “I’m not like that anymore.”

Avexic has since deleted his Twitter profile.

Avexic had performed in a number of Valorant esports tournaments, including the 2021 College Development Network Esports Scottish Cup, which he won with North East Scotland College. He’s also competed in VCT open qualifiers and the Valorant UK and Ireland Skirmish, which took place last year.

Last month, Riot Games announced Valorant Regional Leagues (VRLs) and Circuits for EMEA in 2022, including a UK, Ireland and Nordics league run by Promod Esports.

Avexic was due to play in the VRL and VCT with Skelp this year in what the org were calling ‘Scotland’s best Valorant team’.

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