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Metroid Dread Report Vol. 11: Power through with these pointers for exploration and combat | News

Some items can only be obtained after using the Speed Booster and Shine Spark abilities. These techniques may seem advanced at first, but with practise they come much more naturally.

Clicking the Left Stick while moving will activate the Speed Booster – with enough runway, Samus will begin to glow and move at a very high speed. During a Speed Boost, tilting the Left Stick down will allow Samus to charge a Shine Spark. You can then use this by pressing the B Button. If you tilt the Left Stick right after that, you can launch her at high speed in that direction.

Speed Booster momentum can be maintained even after jumping, sliding, and wall jumping. If you launch a Shine Spark against a hill, you will automatically switch to Speed Booster again when you touch the hill and continue running.

At the start of a Shine Spark, you can tilt the Left Stick to determine which of the eight directions in which you want to launch Samus. While a Shine Spark can’t be used during a Spin Jump, you can activate it after cancelling a Spin Jump via shooting your Arm Cannon or activating Free Aim.

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