In Diablo Immortal’s Lunar New Year Event, Giving Gifts Is Just As Good As Receiving Them

The latest update for Diablo Immortal is around the corner, and it’s set to ring in the Lunar New Year with an event that will have players rewarded for their generosity.

They say that the act of giving a gift is its own reward, and that is certainly true of the upcoming Tong-Shi’s Renewal event in Blizzard’s mobile ARPG. Completing various daily tasks will earn players Red Bags filled with various rewards which can be gifted to friends. It’s always nice to receive gifts, but players will want to send out as many Red Bags as they receive, as they will earn rewards for giving gifts as well. It’s a win-win.

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Completing event tasks will additionally reward Tseym, a currency that can be turned in for additional rewards and will contribute towards server-wide milestones that, when reached, will reward a random Legendary item. The event will kick off alongside the update’s arrival on January 16 on servers in the Americas and on January 15 everywhere else in the world.

Speaking of Legendary items, the new update is chock-full of new ones for each class that can only be found while playing on one of the new, higher-level Hell difficulties that were added as part of the game’s major Terror’s Tide update. The new items are meant to serve as an extra incentive to climb the difficulty ladder, and provide new bonuses to enable specific types of builds for each class.

Finding duplicate Legendary items will additionally be more rewarding, as extracting the same Legendary power multiple times will now improve the power of that item’s Legendary attributes, like certain skills receiving bonus damage, increased cooldown reduction, and more.

There are a number of positive quality-of-life changes coming in the update, too. Dungeons will now support cross-server matchmaking and a dungeon set item is now guaranteed to drop after running dungeons for multiple times with no set drops. There are also some changes to the game’s Immortal and Shadow faction systems. The update additionally sees the return of the popular Fractured Plane event and introduces a new battle pass. For the full details, check out Blizzard’s official patch notes.

Despite Blizzard ending its longstanding publishing agreement with Chinese partner NetEase Games, development on Diablo Immortal, which was co-developed by NetEase under a separate agreement, will continue. According to Activision Blizzard’s Q3 financial results, Diablo Immortal has done extremely well in China, where it has sat among the top 10 grossing mobile games in the country since its launch in Summer 2022.

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