PS Plus Premium Game Trials Add The Last of Us Part 1

Sony has added The Last of Us Part 1 to PS Plus Premium game trials for January 2023, just in time for the HBO series’ world premiere. The PS5 remake of the 2013 hit released in September 2022, and will launch on PC soon.

PS Plus Premium game trials: How long is The Last of Us Part 1 trial?

Good news! PS Plus Premium (or Deluxe, depending on your region) subscribers can try out The Last of Us Part 1 for two hours. That’s certainly not enough to see everything the game has to offer, but just enough to get sucked into its world and story. It’s perfect timing, too, considering the show aired last night and to an overwhelmingly positive reception. We imagine a lot of new fans will be jumping in, and what better way to experience the world than a complete remake?

It’ll certainly be interesting to see the impact the HBO TV series will have on The Last of Us.

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