Goose Goose Duck: EXP guide

With over 1,000 levels that you can reach and several exclusive rewards that you get as you go up the ranks, you’ll want to know how to gain more EXP faster in Goose Goose Duck. You still earn EXP even after losing a game, so being skilled in the game is not a requirement, although it certainly helps you go up the ranks much faster. In this guide, we will show you the ways how to gain EXP faster in Goose Goose Duck.

Goose Goose Duck – EXP and how to earn it faster

Gain more EXP through Daily Rewards

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You can claim a new Daily Reward every 24 hours since you claimed the last one. The rewards become random after the first month, however. In order to make the most out of your initial month of EXP rewards, you’ll need to be sure to claim them on the appropriate days. Here are the days that give you EXP rewards:

  • Days 5, 17, and 29
    • Boosts that increase your EXP earning by +50% for four hours:
  • Days 2, 12, and 23
    • EXP bonuses that offer 750 EXP, 1,000 EXP, and 1,250 EXP respectively.

Participate in longer matches or win to gain EXP bonuses

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The bonus EXP that gets added depends on certain factors. You don’t gain bonus EXP if the match you played is too short, but beyond that, you get rewarded if you won the match and can get more with longer games. So, the longer you play, the sweeter the rewards. You can also gain 5% more EXP if you complete your real tasks as a Goose or the fake tasks as a Duck.

When you win the match, you earn one of the following increments of bonus EXP which depends on how long the match went on: +5%, +10%, +15%, +20%, and +25%.

We recommend that you play Classic games first as a beginner before you explore all the other game modes in Goose Goose Duck to win as many matches as you can.

Level Rewards in Goose Goose Duck

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You can unlock cards and banners that you can use in-game at some levels. The levels in Goose Goose Duck show you and the other players how long you or the others have been playing the game.

You can check someone’s level from the pause menu by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “players.” Use this feature to gauge a player’s ability in the match to help you win. There are also lots of other things to take note of and strategies to come up with in order to ensure victory in a match, so be sure to check out our tips and beginner’s guide for Goose Goose Duck.

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