Persona 6 and Persona 3 Remake Could Be Revealed in Summer 2023 – Rumor

Both Persona 6 and the rumored Persona 3 remake could be shown by Atlus in Summer 2023, according to a Persona insider on ResetEra. These two Shin Megami Tensei games are apparently “far along” in development. While they were supposed to be officially revealed by this point in time, Atlus continues to change and cancel plans of their announcement.

Persona insider says Atlus is “as weird as you think”

The insider, known as “Im a Hero Too” on ResetEra, has been vetted by a moderator on the forum. For now, though, we’ll stay on the safe side and consider this news on Persona 6 and the Persona 3 remake as a rumor.

From what the insider says, both SMT games have been in development for a long time and that a summer reveal is being planned for both games. The user apparently is on a team that works with Atlus and says that the developer has changed the “reveal timing with events” several times, apparently “at the drop of a hat.”

In a past thread on Resetera about the Persona 3 remake being revealed, the insider also said that there was “another game” in development by Atlus, but that “nobody has guessed it correctly once.” The user also confirms suspicions that Atlus is indeed “as weird as you think.”

From what the insider has seen of the Persona 3 remake, which is “VERY limited content,” the user has only seen the male protagonist for the game, though that does not mean the female protagonist from the Persona 3 Portable version has been cut.

Shin Megami Tensei developer Shinjiro Takada teased that Atlus would be giving a special “thank you” to fans in 2023. Hopefully, this means we’ll see both Persona 6 and the Persona 3 remake sooner than later.

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