How to find Kappa in Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of The Moonspell DLC

Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of the Moonspell DLC includes a host of new content, including a huge map, weapons, characters, and more, all themed around Japanese mythology. Most of this new content is fairly straightforward to find and unlock, but you may have trouble with Gav’Et-Oni, a character that requires you to take down 6000 Kappa enemies before you can play as them. Even after a few trips into Mt. Moonspell, you may still be confused as to where these elusive enemies actually are. But have no fear: today we’re going to tell you exactly how to find Kappa in Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

How to find Kappa in Vampire Survivors Legacy of The Moonspell DLC

The first thing you’ll need to do in your Kappa-hunting quest is head to the Mt. Moonspell map. Provided you have the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC installed, this map will be unlocked at the same time as the Inlaid Library: once you reach level 20 in the Mad Forest.

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How to find the lake

Now, in most Vampire Survivors maps, the enemy waves you face are the same every time, regardless of your position or other factors. Mt. Moonspell changes this, however, introducing enemies that are exclusive to particular areas of the map, such as the Oni on the mountain, or the Tanuki in the forest down south. Kappa fall under this category, only spawning around a frozen lake in the northwest of Mt. Moonspell.

To reach this lake, you’ll need to head to head directly right from your starting location, between the two trees. Continue in the same direction until you reach a dirt track, then begin to follow it north. Continue following this path as it meanders around, and it will eventually lead you to the frozen lake where the Kappa dwell.

Defeat the giant skeleton

When you first arrive at the lake, in addition to the waves of Kappa that will immediately start spawning in, you’ll also find a powerful Goshadokuro. It’s a giant skeleton that you’ll need to deal with before you can begin your Kappa cull in earnest. Thankfully, it’s not too challenging to defeat; its slow movement speed means you can easily maneuver around it, slowly wearing it down with your chosen weapons. Once it’s gone, you’ll receive a chest for your trouble.

With Goshadokuro out of the way, the lake will be almost exclusively populated by Kappa for as long as you wish to stay there. Now that you know how to find Kappa in Vampire Survivors‘ Legacy of The Moonspell DLC, you’ll easily be able to slay the 6,000 required to unlock Gav’Et-Oni in a single run. Once you’ve killed enough, we’d recommend returning to the center of the map via the path you took to get there, as Kappa aren’t the best source of experience in the later stages of a run.

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