LEGO Bricktales’ Easter Update Hops Onto Switch Later This Year

Image: Thunderful

LEGO Bricktales released on Switch in October last year to a number of lukewarm reviews (check out our thoughts at the bottom of this article). The brick-themed biome explorer might have failed to capture the imagination of the building brand, but that hasn’t stopped developer Clockstone STUDIO from coming up with more seasonal content for the game.

The latest update to be announced is going to focus on Easter and will be launching with the holiday later on this year. Bricktales is all about solving small-world problems across a series of LEGO dioramas and the new Easter world is no exception. This time, you will be helping the Easter Bunny make chocolate eggs by navigating a number of chickens through a variety of obstacles.

For a little more information of the update, check out the following from publisher Thunderful:

New features in this Easter update include:
– A beautifully crafted Easter diorama
– A storyline where you have to help the Easter bunny save Easter
– 5 new construction puzzles. Four with a specific challenges and one being an open area where you can build more freely
– 1 collection quest – Easter eggs will be hidden in the other existing worlds that you can find and use to purchase items
– 3 new wardrobe items (purchasable with eggs players have found in the world)
– 1 new music track
– A new menu entry to notify you of ongoing updates

The Easter biome will be available for free to all those who have cleared the game’s first world. An entrance will then appear in the park, leading you to the new add-on.

While we imagine that the bonus level will continue to suffer from the game’s tricky control scheme, seeing new content added for free is always a nice sign.

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