Dead Space First-Person Mod Gives You A Reason To Play Original Game Again

The original Dead Space is a solid reminder about the value of brown pants, but if you’re looking to have an even more stressful time in this classic survival-horror game, then this first-person mod is what you’ve been looking for. Naturally only available on PC for the 2008 game, the first-person mod designed by Reverse Engineering Gamer shifts the perspective to a more in-your-face angle and is the end result of several months of hard work by its creator.

“The core of this mod took a little over five days to create,” Reverse Engineering wrote on their Nexus Mods page (via Eurogamer). “The fine-tuning of this mod is what took several months; to locate functions, compare variables, stabilize pointers, write bug-free scripts, play-test. Although initially started out of curiosity as to see what else I can do other than create a free cam and player fly mod for Dead Space, this quickly grew into a first-person mod project.”

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A first-person view does heighten the tension of the classic game, although it does so at the expense of vital visual information. You won’t be able to see how much health you have left on protagonist Isaac Clarke’s handy spinal gauge and you’ll have to listen carefully for any Necromorphs hunting you from beyond your peripheral vision.

For a more-modern taste of terror, the Dead Space Remake is now out and thankfully only terrorizes you in traditional third-person. The game has earned critical acclaim since it launched and EA Motive has hinted at Dead Space 2 getting the remake treatment next. In the sales department, Dead Space Remake was the second-best-selling digital game of January on PS5 alone, in the US and Canada.

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