The X-Men Take the Spotlight as ‘Marvel Snap’ Visits ‘Days of Future Past’ – TouchArcade

With the trip to the Quantum Realm coming to a close, it’s just about time for Marvel Snap (Free) to kick off its next season. With no new movie or TV show to jump off of, the game is looking to the books to find a source of inspiration. And what better source than some classic X-Men comics? Next week, Marvel Snap will be heading to the dark future of Days of Future Past.

I’m sure most folks reading this are familiar with the story either through the original comics, the 1990s animated adaptation, or the Fox movie from a number of years back. The idea is that we see a terrible future for the X-Men where Sentinels have more or less taken over the Earth and now hunt down the remaining few mutants. In a last-ditch effort to avoid this fate, Kitty Pryde’s mind is sent to her past self to try to stop it from ever happening. Good stuff.

As for this Marvel Snap take on the story, we can look forward to some new cards.  The Season Pass character is Nimrod, a 5-Cost 5-Power card that when destroyed will copy itself to both other locations. Oh boy, destruction deck players are going to be happy with that. Then we have Kitty Pryde, a 1-Cost 0-Power card who can be returned to your hand for +2 Power. Master Mold is a 2-Cost 2-Power card with an On Reveal ability that adds two Sentinels to your opponent’s hand. Finally, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a 3-Cost 4-Power card that will destroy both itself and any card played at the same location after it.  Finally, there are some cool new variants for Wolverine, Sentinel, and Nimrod.

We also have a few new locations to look forward to. The Orchis Forge adds a Sentinel to your hand every time you play a card on it. Asteroid M moves 3-Cost or 4-Cost cards to it after you play them. Krakoa is one of those locations some players are going to hate. Basically, it takes over on the fifth turn and plays for both players. Talk about a monkey wrench in your strategy. There’s also another Variant Rush event coming where you can pull some Steampunk Variants from Collector’s Caches.

All in all, Days of Future Past looks like another great season for Marvel Snap. The new locations will spice things up as usual, and the new cards look like they offer potential to shake up the meta and create some fun new deck possibilities. If you want to go into the season with the best decks, why not check out our March 2023 deck building guide for the game?

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