Ubisoft Closing Several Offices Due to Decline in Physical Game Sales

Ubisoft is closing several European offices due to a decline in physical game sales among other changes in business environment. A snippet from a company email has been published on ResetEra, which reveals that Ubisoft Benelux is among the offices shutting its doors.

Ubisoft closing offices as soon as April 2023

The email cites “external factors” as the reason for the closures. Speaking of the Benelux office specifically, Ubisoft said that “most” of its employees will depart starting April 1st.

“At this time, Ubisoft is facing several challenges due to external factors, such as the decline in sales volume of physical games in favor of digital sales, the centralization of marketing by digitizing all our communication channels, the shift from major retail releases to F2P, mobile and seasonal games and less major physical shows,” the email reads.

It’s unclear which other European subsidiaries Ubisoft is set to close, but the mention of “less physical shows” is interesting as the company just announced its presence at E3 2023. Nevertheless, Ubisoft is one of many companies that have transitioned to digital showcases so physical events have indeed reduced significantly in recent years.

For now, it looks like the closures only impact Ubisoft’s marketing and distribution offices.

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