Best armor sets in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is loaded with loot. Much of that loot takes the form of pieces of armor. You collect four pieces to produce one of more than 40 unique sets. Some sets have nearly identical names. It can be tough to keep everything straight. Here is our guide to the best armor sets in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Best armor sets to equip

Armor consists of four piece types: head armor, chest armor, arm guards, and leg guards. You complete a set by collecting the necessary four pieces within the the same group. Some armor offers a “set bonus” when paired with a particular weapon and/or accessory. Lighter armor provides boosts to several elements. Heavier armor focuses on only one.

The best armor set is always the one that suits your needs in the moment. Sometimes you need lighter armor, or protection against a particular element. When you spend resources to upgrade armor, focus on armor with high rarity (4 stars, ideally). This allows you to utilize more passive effects. There are many factors to consider, but here are some of our favorite sets (divided by approximate weight class).

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Light Armor

Fierce Zhang Fei – This set of light armor includes protection against Wood, Fire, and Water. Its set bonus, ‘Rival of the Masses,’ allows you to inflict greater martial arts damage. The required Invictus Serpent Spear is a powerful weapon.

Tianzu Hermit – With ‘The Way of the Tianzhu’ set bonus the Jade-Green Staff enables, you’re in good shape to make the most of any Wizardry attacks while enjoying greater protection against Wood, Metal, and Water elements. Acquire the set from Hong Jing.

Tyrant Overlord – The ‘Renegade of the Heaven’s Will’ set bonus is good for melee attackers who like the idea of using a glaive such as the required Triumphant Conquest. You will only start acquiring pieces from this set after defeating Dong Zhuo near the game’s halfway point. It provides greater protection against Fire, Metal, and Water attacks.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tianzu Hermit Set

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Medium Armor

Blue-Eyed Child – Swear an oath with Sun Quan to gain access to this gear. The Tiger Hunting Bow and Halo weapons count toward the ‘Inheritor of the Tiger’ set bonus. It’s a great option for players who like ranged weapons, plus it offers protection against the Fire element.

Boldness – If you want to use a spear, the Boldness equipment and its ‘Dauntless Warrior’ bonus is a great starting point. It leans into the Water element, with the Unparalleled Spear as your weapon of choice. You access the set by swearing an oath with Zhao Yun.

Man of Benevolence – Liu Bei gives you this set, which offers the ‘Aspiration of Restoring the Han Empire’ set bonus and Wood element defense. The Pair Swords of Aspiration you must use to enjoy the full benefits of the bonus is good for hasty fighting.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Boldness Set

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Heavy Armor

Yellow Turban Commander – Available quite readily from fairly early in the game, this set with resistance to Earth attacks can get you through a lot of your earliest battles by leaving you more room to survive mistakes. Sadly, there is no set bonus.

Rampancy – The Rampancy set offers strong protection against Metal and pairs with the Soaring Ursine Mace. That weapon has some powerful martial arts available and hits hard and fast, plus the strong defense is a real boon and the ‘Brutal Ursine Warrior’ set bonus improves your martial arts damage. It’s one of the best armor sets in Wo Long, especially during the game’s middle portion.

Ser Magnificent Beard – This armor is offered up by Guan Yu and provides good Wood protection. You can use the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive to enjoy the benefits of the ‘With Sky High Righteousness’ set bonus. It’s a good way to go if you don’t mind moving slowly and deflecting a lot.

Unscrupulous Hero – Form a bond with Cao Cao to obtain this set, which imbues the ‘Hero beyond the Age’ set bonus. You need to pair it with Heaven’s Reliance and A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu. Then you can use sword attacks and martial arts in concert to cut through your enemies. Good protection against Fire attacks makes the armor a solid choice against some late-game foes.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Unscrupulous Hero Set

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You’ll have to wait for the best armor sets of Wo Long

The best armor sets in Wo Long don’t start appearing until well into your journey. You often need to defeat a powerful boss, or swear a blood oath with allies. Allies gift you a set of 4-star armor once your bond reaches level 10. Give them the Cup of Cordiality to bond more quickly so you gain access to exciting armor sooner.

Unless you have a generous weight limit (impacted by Earth Virtue), avoid equipping full heavy sets. Too much weight impacts your battle performance. However, heavy armor provides the best protection. If you’re not especially concerned about set bonuses, mix and match a light set with a heavy one to secure more diverse elemental defense. Experiment to find the best armor set or mix for your play style.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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