Valorant Gekko Overview

Valorant’s roster of active agents is growing at a steady pace. With Episode 6 Act 2 set to go live on March 7, players will be greeted by a new face in the popular FPS game. For this season, we will start seeing Gekko more on the field as one of the latest Initiators in the game. However, there are still some things that we do not know about this Agent, so this article will dive into what we have learned so far from this character.

Gekko Overview

Gekko is the sixth Initiator to be added to the Valorant list of active agents. His kit has a bit of similarity to Skye’s abilities in the sense that both of them use companions or pets to aid them in battle. While he does have the basic initiator skills that can blind, concuss, and clear out sites, his most unique aspects are his capability to defuse and plant spikes from afar and reuse some of his abilities. 

Gekko’s most notable feature is how he can pick up creatures he has sent out to reuse later on. This style is similar to how Viper can pick up her Poison Orb so that this Agent will be the first Initiator continuously reusable an arsenal of abilities. This aspect of this Agent might seem like an overpowering feature. Still, players should note that Gekko will lose his effectiveness as an Initiator if he cannot recover his creatures due to rotating to another site or being repelled by defenders. 

Gekko’s Abilities

Players must learn how each of Gekko’s abilities function to understand how his kit works. Unlike Skye, despite having pets to assist him, he has minimal control over what they can do. Here are all of Gekko’s skills in his arsenal:

  • Dizzy (E) – Launches Dizzy forward through the air, approaching enemies in its line of sight. The creature fires a blinding plasma blast at foes, which flashes them for several seconds. Dizzy can turn into a globule after she expires, which Gekko can pick up to reuse after a short cooldown. 
  • Wingman (Q) – Sends Wingman forward to seek out enemies and release a concussive blast on the first enemy it spots. ALT Fire will send him to defuse a Spike or plant it (if you have the bomb in your inventory). Wingman will turn into a globule after expiring, which can be picked up by Gekko to be reused after a short cooldown-
  • Mosh Pit (C) – Throws Mosh like a grenade, which duplicates into multiple beings after landing. Each one explodes after a short delay.
  • Ultimate: Thrash (X) – Fire and control Thrash after activating, which allows Gekko to steer her through enemy territory. Activating her will cause her to lunge forward and explode, concussing foes within range. After expiring, Thrash turns into a globule, which Gekko can pick up to use one more time after a short cooldown.

Only one of Gekko’s four abilities cannot be used more than once. His ultimate can only be used one more time after its initial cast. Players should note that they will be unable to reuse Gekko’s abilities if they cannot recover the globules, which makes firing them too deep into enemy territory very risky. 

Gekko’s Lore

Not much is known about Gekko besides his real name, Mateo, and that he lives in the United States. The new Agent seems Mexican and lives in California, where he lives with his mother. He has a cordial relationship with Brimstone, Jett, and Reyna, who are close and friendly with him. 

Aside from his place of origin and relationships with other Valorant Agents, we need more information about this character. Some have theorized that he might be the friend that Reyna is referring to when she scorns Killjoy. We can get more details about his lore when he becomes available in the Valorant roster.

Fans’ Thoughts on Gekko

Unlike some previous agents, Gekko has received a warm welcome in the Valorant community due to his cute pets. Players have expressed their fondness for Wingman due to his small and attractive appearance. However, some gamers have shown their concern regarding Gekko’s kit. 

Some are worried that the new Initiator might be too OP since most of his skills can be reused. In addition, Gekko’s ability to defuse the spike via Wingman has raised some eyebrows among players. Fortunately, we know that this Agent will eventually get a vast substantial nerf if he does become too overpowered after his release.

Whether Gekko will become a powerhouse in the game is yet to be seen. While his kit might seem a bit too perfect or unbalanced, there are some in-game interactions that we haven’t discovered yet, so we will need to see him on the field to provide an objective critique of this Agent. Gekko is set to go live on March 7 alongside Episode 6 of Act 2 Season. 

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