How to find the Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 remake

One of the many side quests, which are called requests, in Resident Evil 4 remake has Leon S. Kennedy search for a Gold Chicken Egg. Even though the remake of the classic action horror game is a pretty linear story, there are quite a few requests that can distract you. You’ll find blue pages detailing these requests for Leon to complete and receive a reward from The Merchant. But this is one of the trickier requests to figure out. Read on to learn how to find the Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 remake.

Where to find the Gold Chicken Egg

Completing the numerous requests for The Merchant is a great way to earn Spinels, which can be traded in for special items at his shop. While you’ll find the Egg Hunt request pretty early on in Resident Evil 4 remake, you won’t be able to find the Gold Chicken Egg until much later on. Once you make it to the Castle section and have full access to the Throne Room, make your way there. In the Throne Room, you’ll find one of many Small Boxes that require a certain key to unlock. This key is a small Cubic Device.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

At this point in the game you should have this cubic device. But if you don’t have it yet, we can tell you exactly where to find it. From the Grand Hall, make your way to the Armory. In the hallway to the Armory, you’ll find a chest with the cubic device inside. This is an important key that can unlock the numerous Small Boxes around the castle which contain expensive treasures.

Now that you have the key, use it on the Small Box in the Throne Room near the right side of the throne. Inside you’ll find the Gold Chicken Egg! All you have to do to complete this request is sell the Golden Egg to The Merchant, and you’ll receive three Spinels as a reward.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available via Steam.

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