How to get a Ghost to blow out candle

Hunting ghosts in Demonologist is difficult on its own, but getting them to your bidding is a task as well. Before performing an exorcism, you and your fellow ghost hunters must carry out assignments. Each of these tasks can be different depending on the mission you are on, in this case, it’s how to get a ghost to blow out the candle. However, this is an optional objective but it’s worth it, you can get more money by doing this challenge. Getting the ghost to blow out the candle in Demonologist may be hard, but this guide should help you and your friends do this section with ease.

How to Get a Ghost to Blow out the Candle in Demonologist

You can bring candles with you into the Abandoned House and place them in most areas of the house. First, identify the ghost — you can check this by viewing the report when you’re in the match. Once this is all done, you should be able to get a better idea of the ghost. All players must select it if they’re not playing alone. The second part is searching for the ghost, which can be done by looking for the ghost’s outline.

The final part is placing the candle. First, head to the scariest part of the house with the most activity. This can be done by using your EMF Reader. When you’ve reached it, interact with the floor by placing the candle. It’ll be green, so you’ll know it’s done right. To get the ghost to blow out the candle, you don’t need to do much but don’t stand in the room you’ve placed the candle in. It’ll impact your sanity.

In Demonologist the ghost will blow out the candle at random points, and you’ll hear an audio cue when it happens.

Why are the candles so important?

Like other games such as Amnesia which factors in the player’s sanity, Demonoligst plays with this mechanic in a similar fashion. It helps you do missions with ease, and without any interference. Additionally, if the missions are longer the candles and sanity pills will come in handy, however, you should still be rationing them.

You can try out the demo for Demonologist now via Steam.

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