Can you change the second lightsaber color in Jedi: Survivor?

There’s nothing like a good tale of a Jedi hero within the Star Wars galaxy, and many are now off on Cal’s sequel romp to stop the Empire and an ancient evil. As a Knight of the Jedi Order, Cal has access to multiple Lightsaber styles and colors, and this guide answers whether you can change the second blade color in Jedi: Survivor.

Can you change a second Lightsaber color in Jedi: Survivor?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the second Lightsaber blade color. Despite there being 11 different Lightsaber blade colors in the game, the developers oddly limited color choice to single uniform colors on both blades.

This strikes us as an odd choice given the fact that you can change out six different components on Cal’s Lightsaber and pick custom color schemes. Some of the components are so small that you’ll only notice the customizations during cutscenes or while using Photo Mode.

Yet something as iconic as the blade color of the Lightsaber must match on both blades? Players have been able to mismatch Lightsaber blade colors for decades now, so it’s certainly disappointing to see this customization oversight for a $69.99 USD game in 2023.

Respawn did significantly improve upon other customization options such as Cal’s appearance options. He now sports multiple hairstyles and a wider set of wardrobe options. His droid BD can also be customized in greater detail, which does stand out in cutscenes.

Image by PC Invasion

One can only guess there is a design limitation by which Respawn cannot simply apply different Lightsaber colors to Cal’s blade. Whether that can be changed is something we do not have the answer for. Jedi: Fallen Order did have the same issue though, and it goes without saying that all Star Wars fans would at least like to have the option to rock different blade colors.

While the lacking Lightsaber blade customization is disappointing, it is still great to see multiple Lightsaber types such as the Crossguard Lightsaber and the iconic double-bladed design.

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