The affordable BattleTech Essentials starter set is coming to Target

The latest starter set for BattleTech, one of the biggest names in tabletop gaming, is now available to pre-order exclusively at Target. The $24.99 BattleTech Essentials box includes everything you need to play, providing an affordable entry point into the larger BattleTech franchise. Catalyst Game Labs plans for pre-orders to ship, and for the game to be available in Target stores, on June 18.

The Essentials box includes two pre-assembled models available right out of the box, in addition to a double-sided map, dice, a quick start guide, reference cards, and some extra literature to get you up to speed on the world of BattleTech.

The BattleTech Essentials box joins a pair of starter kits already available from Catalyst Game Labs, providing more options for both experienced and novice players. If you need more material, the $24.99 BattleTech: Beginner Box comes with a pair of unpainted, miniature BattleMechs, an 18-by-22-inch double-sided game map, dice, record sheets, and some additional goodies.

BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat provides a more comprehensive experience, packaging seven minis alongside a pair of double-sided 18-by-22 inch maps, record sheets, pilot cards, and a ton of extras to introduce you to the Inner Sphere. The core box is usually $59.99, but you can currently pick one up at Amazon or Walmart for around $48.

The coolest part about these starter sets is that there’s very little overlap in terms of what’s in each box. Meaning you won’t end up with duplicate minis or reference cards if you decide to invest in other sets at a later date.

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