Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Zonai Charges are very important in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Since you can use them to extend your battery, buy portables at Device Dispensers, and create Autobuilds, it is important to always carry Zonai Charges. Here are best ways to farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom.

Note: If you’re still unsure about what Zonai Charges are, check out our guide on them.

Best ways to farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two great ways to farm Zonai Charges in Tears of the Kingdom. The first is by farming Flux Constructs and the second is farming Zonaite to buy Zonai Charges at Forged Constructs.

Zonai Charge farm – Flux Constructs

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The fastest way to farm Zonai Charges is to defeat Flux Constructs. Flux Constructs always drop around 10 to 40 Zonai Charges depending on the boss. These bosses in Tears of the Kingdom can be very hard to defeat, but once you know the strategy of how to defeat them, you can create a Zonai Charge farm.

Each Flux Construct boss is a bit different, but the objective every time is to use Ultrahand on the green glowing cube. Shake it until the Flux Construct comes apart. Then, use your strongest weapon (I recommend using clean weapons) to take the Flux Construct’s health down.

Where to find Flux Constructs in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Farm Zonai Charge Flux Construct Locations

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’re like me, then you only have some of the entire map of Hyrule discovered so far. Nevertheless, I have provided a map with all the Flux Construct locations I know. The areas marked with a skull are where you can find Flux Constructs.

Flux Constructs are always located on sky islands and are generally found on the ones that look like big, circular arenas. To effectively farm Flux Constructs, defeat as many as you can and then sleep for a full night, so the Blood Moon passes, and go again. If you follow this strategy, you can get lots of Zonai Charges fast.

Zonai Charge farm – Farming Zonaite and buying Zonai Charges

If fighting Flux Constructs is too difficult, the easier way to farm Zonai Charges is to buy them at Forged Constructs with Zonaite. While this method is easier, it’s still highly effective while also posing some danger.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Farm Zonai Charge Forge Construct

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can find a Forged Construct at Great Sky Island or in the Depths near Great Abandoned Central Mine. Once there, you’ll see that you can buy one Zonai Charge for two Zonaite, which is a great deal.

The problem now is that you need to farm Zonaite. The best way to do this is to find enemy Bokoblin camps within the Depths. These Bokoblin aren’t too hard to defeat, but their attacks do hit you with gloom which takes away a heart, so be careful. My advice for quickly clearing out Bokoblin camps in the Depths is to use the environment (especially any explosives laying around), snipe the archers with a one-shot headshot, and use your strongest weapons.

Each Bokoblin with drop some Zonaite but the real prize is all the Zonaite veins in and around the camp. I recommend using the Stone Hammer weapons they drop to mine the Zonaite rocks so you don’t break your good gear. After clearing all the Zonaite veins, you’ll end up gaining around 30 to 40 Zonaite, some of which are normal and some of which are large, per Bokoblin camp.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Farm Zonai Charge Buy

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you are ready, return to the Forged Construct and buy Zonai Charges. Whether you use the Flux Construct farm or the Zonaite farm, either way, you’ll end up farming Zonai Charges as fast as possible in Tears of the Kingdom.

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