Final Fantasy 14 3D audio pack updated alongside today’s Patch 6.4

Final Fantasy 14’s newest update, Patch 6.4 – The Dark Throne, is now available to players. Aside from the main content, the patch comes with a significant update to Embody’s official Immerse Gamepack – a 3D spatial audio pack for the game.

According to Embody, the update vastly improves the pack’s sound quality and introduces smoother sound transitions. Environmental sounds have also been revamped for a more immersive, audial experience.

While the Embody Immerse Gamepack has been available for quite some time, players can avail it now with a 30% discount up until June 21 to celebrate the release of Patch 6.4. The pack, normally priced at £15, may now be purchased for £11. It also offers a trial period of 30 days. For more details and to acquire the pack, players can visit the official Final Fantasy 14 website.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.4 – The Dark Throne

This audio pack adds a new dimension to the game, allowing players to hear the direction of various sound effects. I have personally tried out the pack and, though subtle, it does create a greater sense of immersion, especially when played using headphones.

In addition to the audio update, the patch features an improved device management feature, allowing for transfer of licenses to other devices. Players can download The Dark Throne now, and enjoy its new additions, which include new main story quests, new dungeons and trials, and extensions to the popular Island Sanctuary farming feature. The Duty Support system has also been expanded in order to enable solo play for certain Stormblood quests.

Final Fantasy 14 developer, Square Enix, is known for being strict when it comes to in-game mods. While most mods are not permitted, this audio pack is a notable exception since it is an official collaboration with Embody.