Best Build for Herta – Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

Honkai: Star Rail offers gamers a vast array of unique characters to collect and battle with, including several free options such as the AoE-damage specialist Herta. While she struggles in single-target situations like boss fights, there’s still plenty of utility to be found in Herta if players use her effectively. Here’s a guide on how to equip her with the best gear, relics, light cones, eidolons, and abilities to help maximize her potential in Honkai: Star Rail, so that even the most challenging battles are no match for her.

The Best Build for Herta in Honkai: Star Rail: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

To help improve Herta’s damage output, players should consider equipping her with light cones that increase her damage, relics, and eidolons that synergize with her abilities.

Light Cones

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  • Before Dawn: Players will want to use Jing Yuan’s signature weapon, which increases Herta’s Crit DMG by 36%, Skill, and Ultimate DMG by 18%. Herta also gains a 48% damage increase to her follow-up attack, but players must use Herta’s Skill or Ultimate before her follow-up attack registers. This means using her Ultimate at the start of each encounter to trigger the buff and ensure that she doesn’t execute her follow-up attacks too early.
  • The Birth of the Self: This weapon boosts Herta’s follow-up damage. It increases the damage of Herta’s follow-up attacks by 24% and an additional 24% if the enemy is below or equal to 50% HP. This means Herta will always gain a 48% boost to her follow-up attacks, as her follow-up attack only procs when the enemy is below 50% HP. When she reaches maximum superimposition with this Light Cone, this damage boost can increase to a whopping 96%.
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast: If players do not have The Birth of the Self on hand, this is the best free-to-play option. It increases Herta’s DMG by 12% and her ATK by 4% per enemy defeated, up to three times.

Relics and Eidolons

Herta Honkai Star Rail Best Build 2

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  • For her four-piece set, players should opt for the Hunter of Glacial Forest set, which boosts Herta’s Ice DMG and Crit DMG after using her Ultimate. This is a significant DPS increase for Herta, which also pairs well with Before Dawn, if players have it, to stack Crit DMG and Ultimate DMG buffs.
  • For her two-piece set, players should try the Inert Salsotto set, which increases Herta’s Crit Rate and provides a damage boost to her Ultimate and follow-up attack. This will turn Herta into a spinning monster, with numerous damage buffs in her corner.
  • Herta has some incredible Eidolons that can increase her damage potential. Her Eidolon 2 increases her Crit Rate by 3% every time her talent triggers, making it more effective against many enemies. Eidolon 4 provides an additional 10% DMG increase each time her talent triggers. Finally, her Eidolon 6 offers a flat 25% ATK boost when Herta uses her Ultimate.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.

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