Phantom Blade Zero Length Revealed, Will Have Multiplayer & Open World

Phantom Blade Zero, the upcoming action RPG from developer S-Game, is making waves with its announced multiplayer mode and semi-open world design. Initially introduced as a PS5 exclusive during May 2023’s PlayStation Showcase, fans were impressed with its trailer, which S-Game assures us only showed in-engine combat scenes.

S-Game Reveals Phantom Blade Zero’s PS5 Endgame Content

For those worried about the game’s length, S-Game has revealed that the main story quest in Phantom Blade Zero should take a decent chunk of time, clocking in between 30-40 hours. But they aren’t stopping there – the game’s endgame will include rogue-like abysses, multiplayer dungeons, and boss rushes, among other exciting features.

Although Phantom Blade Zero will have multiple paths to take on its map, S-Game has warned players not to get their hopes up for horseback riding, stating that the game’s world is “semi-open” rather than fully open-world.

Phantom Blade Zero follows the tale of Soul, an assassinated and gravely injured assassin framed for murder, surviving due to a mystic healer prolonging his life for 66 days. During this time, he has to pursue the person behind his demise while struggling against powerful enemies. Drawing on inspiration from Ninja Gaiden, the game features fast-paced hack-and-slash combat.

At present, it is uncertain when Phantom Blade Zero will hit the market. Stay tuned for more news on the game’s exact release date.