Final Fantasy 16: How You’ll Get Around Valisthea

Final Fantasy XVI is set in the sprawling world of Valisthea, which comprises a mix of five primary nations, various nonlinear dungeons, and some open field areas. While the primary focus is on playing through Clive’s story, there’s more to the game than just the main scenario. Fans were curious about how players will get around Valisthea, considering Creative Business Unit III is developing it. In Final Fantasy XIV, mounts are abundant, and players can ride chocobos, Regalia from Final Fantasy XV, Magitek armor, and more. Therefore, fans speculated if mounts would be a part of FFXVI.

However, director Hiroshi Takai revealed in an interview that mounts, specifically chocobos, are the only type of traversal systems in FFXVI. He mentioned that in past games, players could travel through canoes, boats, or cars, but for FFXVI, traveling only involves “walking and chocobos” after studing the game’s fast travel system through the main world map. Nevertheless, there are parts of the story where Clive uses other kinds of traversal, but it’s not externally available.

Within the beautifully designed, tilt-shifted 3D map, fast travel is the primary mode of transportation from Cid’s hideaway to different quests and main scenario areas. Within open field areas and more linear areas, players can walk, run, or ride a chocobo to move around.

While fans were hoping for unique and secret means of transportation such as Regalia Type-F from FFXV, which could travel through the land and air, Takai has confirmed that FFXVI only allows “walking” and “chocobos.” Fortunately, players don’t have to wait long as FFXVI is set to launch on PlayStation 5 on June 22.

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