How to find and beat Black Hinox in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an extraordinary game with a plethora of powerful beasts. Some of these beasts are optional and do not need to be conquered to advance through the game. One such beast is the Black Hinox. In this article, we will guide you on how to defeat the Black Hinox in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find and Beat Black Hinox

There are several varieties of Hinox in the game. The Hinoxes differ in their attack power and the amount of damage they can withstand. The Black Hinox is the most challenging of them all.

The first step to defeat Black Hinox is to equip yourself with powerful weapons. You can find Black Hinox in numerous locations across Hyrule. However, it is essential to have enough weapons in your arsenal before initiating the battle. Black Hinox is a formidable creature that inflicts significant damage to its enemies, and fighting it with a short life meter and mid-level armor is not recommended.

Totk Black Hinox Meadelas Mantle Location Map

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You can encounter Black Hinox in numerous locations in Hyrule. Our preferred spot to fight it is in Meadela’s Mantle. You can reach this location by heading west from Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. The location is marked on the map above.

The Black Hinox will be asleep as you approach it and will gradually awaken. You can defeat it with ease before it has the chance to retaliate. All you have to do is fire Arrows blended with Bomb Flowers. If you have a powerful bow, you will require only a few shots to bring it down, especially if you land a shot in its eye, temporarily disorienting it. Check out our guide on where to obtain and farm Bomb Flowers if you need to improve your arsenal.

Totk Black Hinox Necklace Of Weapons

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If you prefer to fight Black Hinox legitimately. You still have to fire arrows, but the key to this strategy is aiming for the beast’s single eye. Landing a direct shot in the eye will disorient the creature and cause it to sit still for a brief moment, providing you an opportunity to grab Soldier’s Broadsword and Soldier’s Claymore from its necklace. You can also land three or four hits with a strong melee weapon before it recovers.

It is crucial to avoid hanging around for too long. The creature will regain consciousness in no time. Once it starts up again, repeat the procedure as required. Black Hinox may grab a tree and wield it as a weapon, which can be lethal. A direct hit from its fist or when it comes crashing down from above will likely result in your untimely demise. In other words, stay away from it except for the brief period following a shot in the eye.

Totk Black Hinox Hunting Guts Horn Toenails

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You will earn various items upon defeating Black Hinox. These may include Black Hinox Horn, Hinox Tooth, and Hinox Guts. You may also acquire roasted meats.

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