How to find and beat Black Horriblins in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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Get ready to explore the newest portions of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game features a vast network of caves where the Black Horriblins reside. These creatures are a darker variety of the standard red and blue Horriblins, and here’s how to beat them.

How to Find and Defeat Black Horriblins in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To find a Black Horriblin, players will need to venture deep into the most treacherous areas of Hyrule. They can be found in a few caves scattered throughout Hyrule, including the Gerudo Desert Depths. If players are struggling to locate the caves, they can look out for the Satori, which points the way to nearby entrances.

Totk Black Horriblin Mount Dunsel Cave Location Map

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One reliable location to find Black Horriblins is Mount Dunsel Cave in the Faron region of the game. This cave is located to the northeast of Lurelin Village. Players can find the Horriblin waiting above them on the ceiling beyond some vines. One thing to note is that some players report that a White Horriblin spawns instead of the black one, which seems to depend on outside factors.

To defeat these creatures, players should try to deal as much damage as possible from a distance. Using arrows fused with bomb flowers can help prompt the Black Horriblins to drop from the ceiling and continue towards you. Once they are on the ground, players can use more arrows or melee weapons to finish them off. If players are up close, they should be ready to dodge attacks and counter with flurry strikes. Equipping a sturdy weapon can also help cut through their defenses.

Totk Black Horriblin Mount Dunsel Cave Dropped Black Horriblin Horn

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Once defeated, Black Horriblins will drop monster parts, including the Black Horriblin Horn, which makes a strong elixir ingredient. Players can also fuse it with a weapon to get handy physical damage boost.

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