Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC Release Date Set for First Expansion

Team Ninja had an exciting launch with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in March. The developers had further plans with a series of game expansions in the pipeline. The developers have now disclosed the release date of the first drop following the launch in the form of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC release date. The first DLC installment, Battle of Zhongyuan, will be available on June 29.

When can players access the Wo Long DLC?

Koei Tecmo revealed the news on Twitter, accompanied by the first key art, which is evident in the provided image. Battle of Zhongyuan will feature new phases and enemies, along with an additional difficulty and weapon type. Currently, Team Ninja has not announced any specific details, but it doesn’t seem different from the DLC in both Nioh games.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s season pass will offer two additional expansions though developers have shared limited information on the specifics included in these expansions. The second DLC, Conqueror of Jiangdong, is scheduled for September, while the third and last expansion, Upheaval in Jingxiang, is due in December. The season pass will be sold for $24.99, offering gamers a discount on the DLC. This is comparable to the other two Nioh games, which offered three expansions each, with a cheaper season pass rather than buying the trio individually.