Gwent team sees 30 employees axed after ceasing of updates

CD Projekt Red has closed down its famous card game spinoff from the Witcher Franchise, Gwent, resulting in around 30 former Gwent developers losing their jobs. This year saw Gwent cease development, but some community tools were promised to be presented to players who will handle the game’s modification without developers.

In a statement, the studio lamented the move, and appreciated the contribution made by the affected crew. CDPR, however, targeted its upcoming and renowned AAA games, for instance, Phantom Liberty expansion in Cyberpunk 2077 and a new Witcher title back in development.

The studio’s former focus on mobile has changed slightly with the closure of the Spokko studio behind The Witcher AR spinoff, and now the dismissal of ex-Gwent developers. However, CDPR attempted to reassure loyal fans and emphasized their dedication to the roadmap for Gwentfinity. They wrote, “Rest assured that we are still working hard to follow through with the roadmap and make sure the game is where we want it to be by the time GWENTfinity kicks into action.”