Are hypercasual and midcore racing to become hybridcasual?

Marketing specialist Phillip Black has published his thoughts on the internet via LinkedIn regarding hypercasual games’ business strategy as well as hybridcasual games that utilize monetization from midcore games. According to Black, hypercasual games garnered 29% of all app store downloads for 2022 and cost under $1 per install. Black’s research indicates that hypercasual advertisements were better than midcore advertisements at attracting new players to the game with players being five to ten times more likely to click on hypercasual ads compared to midcore ads.

Hypercasual Versus Midcore: What’s the Difference?

Phillip Black writes that hypercasual games’ intellectual property, or IP, formula is focused on reducing complexity in the game. This leads to a straightforward and satisfying play experience that has striking artwork and gameplay. In contrast, midcore gaming is much more complex and involves many intricate details. Many factors can limit a gamer such as navigation in a medieval or fantasy game that has knights, dragons, and wizards.

Black goes on to note that the rise in the cost per install (CPI) for app store downloads has changed how games are viewed. PDAs have shifted to the hybridcasual model, which tries to reduce CPI while using marketing ideas from midcore and hypercasual games. This change has led to a dilemma where the nascent genre is in direct competition with midcore gaming. Midcore gaming offers a more immersive and deep-seated reaction for the player. This attracts gamers who want a gaming experience with more complexity. As CPI rises, midcore gaming has used more misleading ads, hoping to entice gamers who may previously overlook the genre.

Hybrid Casual Space

Black concludes by noting that the three genres are blending into the hybridcasual space. This method is becoming more popular as it allows for greater success in both customer acquisition and retention. Another study in April 2021 from Sensor Tower and Homa claimed that accessibility is a crucial factor for success in the hybridcasual games.