Chromebooks can now run Minecraft natively, and this is great news

Good news for gamers out there! Chromebooks, one of the most affordable laptop options, are now offering Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for native play. This announcement came from Google just recently on June 7, 2023, via their official blog post. Not only is the game available for download, but Chromebook users also have access to Minecraft Marketplace and Realm. These features are accessible on all Chromebooks released in the last three years, which is perfect for those with older models.

And it gets better. Crossplay functionality is available for Chromebooks to connect with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Windows PCs. This feature enables you to play Creative or Survival mode with anyone who owns the game on another device. You may also access the game’s latest content, Trails & Tales update, via crossplay.

Want to know more? We asked Google about the possibility of more native games coming to Chromebooks soon and will keep you updated about their response.

Gaming Chromebooks and their future

Gaming on Chromebooks has caused controversy since the idea was first introduced. Many believed that Chromebooks like Acer Chromebook 516 GE, explicitly designed for gaming, are overpriced and unnecessary. However, with the news of Minecraft’s availability and rumors of Google’s upcoming gaming device, nicknamed ‘Hades,’ Chromebooks’ true gaming capability is proven.

While some people still argue that gaming Chromebooks solely rely on streaming services, they cannot ignore the growing accessibility of native games on this affordable device. As the best models of Chromebooks offer a very reasonable price compared to gaming laptops or Ultrabooks, it is no wonder that Google continues to invest in this technology and create an exciting future for gaming Chromebooks.