Where to find Gaspar Stilbian in Diablo 4

If you’re an avid Diablo 4 player, you know that the game is full of intriguing characters, each with their own tale and contribution to the game’s lore. One such character is Gaspar Stilbian, a man so wracked with sadness that he just wants to die. But as the player, this is great news, as he drops some fantastic loot when killed, like Crushed Beast Bones and the Outcast’s Handwraps.

To achieve this loot, you have to first find Gaspar Stilbian in Diablo 4. He is an extremely rare elite monster, but he poses much less of a threat than most other enemies in the game. As he wanders towards the player, he will make no attempt to attack, and will therefore just stand there and wait to be killed. Head just west of the Whispering Pines dungeon, which is situated in The Scar in Scosglen, and you will find him just northwest of the dungeon. You will have to defeat a few enemies located outside of the crevice of the rock filled with lava where Gaspar Stilbian loiters, but that’s the only challenge you’ll face here.

If you’re lucky, you will find Gaspar slowly walking out of the crevice. He will approach the player and wait for you to end his misery. He will drop 5 Crushed Beast Bones and the Outcast’s Handwraps, which are essential if you want to make the level three health potion. However, if he is missing, it means he has been killed previously by another player. Don’t worry, simply wait some time for Gaspar to respawn, and you’ll be back in action again. Happy hunting!