Best Sorcerer subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked (BG3)

The Sorcerer in Baldur’s Gate 3 is undoubtedly a formidable class, offering players the ability to choose from three deadly subclasses that further customize their gameplay. In this article, we will rank the best Sorcerer subclasses available in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Sorcerer Subclasses, Ranked

When selecting the Sorcerer class, players gain access to a range of powerful cantrips and spells. Additionally, they are required to choose a subclass, which significantly influences their journey throughout the game. Take a moment to consider your preferred play style before selecting the most suitable Sorcerer subclass.

Baldurs Gate 3 Sorcerer Subclass Draconic Bloodline

1. Draconic Bloodline (Best)

The Draconic Bloodline subclass connects you to a powerful dragon lineage, granting you the traits of Draconic Resilience: Hit Points and Draconic Resilience. The former increases your maximum hit points for every Sorcerer level, while the latter provides a base Armor Class of 13 when not wearing any other armor.

Choosing the Draconic Bloodline subclass allows you to select the color of your dragon heritage. Below is a list of available options, along with their corresponding elemental affinities and spells:

  • Red (Fire) – Burning Hands
  • Black (Acid) – Grease
  • Blue (Lightning) – Witch Bolt
  • White (Cold) – Armor of Agathys
  • Green (Poison) – Ray of Sickness
  • Gold (Fire) – Disguise Self
  • Silver (Cold) – Feather Fall
  • Bronze (Lightning) – Fog Cloud
  • Copper (Acid) – Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
  • Brass (Fire) – Sleep

Each of these spells can prove invaluable throughout your journey. While the game may assign a default color, feel free to choose the one that most pleases you on the subsequent screen. Additionally, you can also decide the visibility of these dragon scales on your character’s face.

2. Storm Sorcery (Good)

The Storm Sorcery subclass harnesses the power of wind magic. This subclass allows you to Fly (as a bonus action) until the end of your turn after casting a spell. Furthermore, while airborne, you are immune to Opportunity Attacks until the end of your turn.

Combat movement limitations can sometimes hinder the excitement of battles. However, the Storm Sorcery subclass serves as an excellent remedy to this issue. Although you may miss out on certain defensive bonuses and unpredictable magical effects, the freedom of movement makes it a price worth considering.

3. Wild Magic (Okay)

The Wild Magic subclass is the epitome of unpredictability. Consequently, it may not be the most reliable option. This subclass introduces Tides of Chaos, granting you advantage on your next roll and occasionally triggering a surge of magic after casting a spell.

While many of these magical effects can benefit your party, there’s always a chance they can make battles even more challenging. While this subclass offers great entertainment value, it may not be the best choice for players who struggle with combat encounters.

It’s important to remember that there is no wrong choice when selecting your Sorcerer subclass. Ultimately, choose the subclass that aligns with your preferred play style. Should you wish to make changes later on, refer to our helpful guide on how to respec your characters with the assistance of Withers.

Baldur’s Gate 3 can be played on Steam.