Crash Team Rumble is Available to Try for Free

The Newest Crash Bandicoot Game is Now Available for Xbox Players

The latest Crash Bandicoot game is now available to all Xbox players through a Free Trial. You can choose to play as fan-favorite characters Crash, Coco, or Dingodile and take the battle online with friends and foes in both public and private matches. In addition, you can unlock new cosmetics and progress through the Free Season 1 Battle Pass, with the option to carry over your progress to the full game if you decide to upgrade. This All-New Spin on Crash is available for a limited time, from August 11 to August 14, so make sure to download the Crash Team Rumble Free Trial and dive into chaotic 4v4 Wumpa Fruit collecting mayhem. Compete with your friends and foes, either in public competitive matches or private matches, and race to collect and bank enough Wumpa to secure victory.

Pick From Your Favorite Crash Bandicoot Series Characters

If you’re new to Crash Team Rumble, you’ll find a team-based competitive platformer that features beloved heroes and villains from the Crash universe. Each character has their own unique playstyle and abilities. In the Free Trial, you can choose to play as Crash, Coco, or Dingodile, who fall into the categories of Scorer, Booster, and Blocker respectively. Crash is an All-Rounder with fast movement and high Wumpa capacity, making it easy to pick up and score Wumpa Fruit quickly. Coco is a Booster, offering support to the team by using her Quantum Wall ability to zone enemies out of certain locations and capturing Gem Pads to boost the team’s score. Lastly, Dingodile is a powerhouse Blocker who excels at taking down opponents and defending your team’s Wumpa Bank. While more Heroes are available in the full game, the Free Trial is an excellent opportunity to try out each unique role and discover which playstyle suits you best.

Equip Game-Changing Powers

Each Hero can be equipped with a Power that further enhances their moves and abilities. During the Free Trial, you can choose between the Flytrap Spitter and the Healing Fridge. The Flytrap Spitter is a helpful plant companion that fires projectiles at any opponents within its line of sight. If an enemy is hit, they will be slowed down for a period of time, causing annoyance to would-be attackers on your team’s Wumpa Bank. The Healing Fridge provides healing to any teammates who enter its area of effect. Whether you’re a Blocker in need of extra healing to survive on the enemy Wumpa Bank or a Scorer who wants to stay alive while collecting a massive Wumpa haul, the Healing Fridge is a valuable tool for prolonging your team’s fight. More Powers are available in the full game and can be unlocked by earning Badges while playing. Although these additional Powers are not accessible in the Free Trial, any progress you make during this trial will carry over when you purchase the Standard or Deluxe Edition.

Carry Over Your Progression into the Full Game

Currently, Season 1 is live and includes a completely free 100-Tier Premium Battle Pass. This pass, which must be redeemed by September 12, 2023, offers a range of unique cosmetics, skins, banners, music, and more to customize the appearance of your Heroes. Moreover, Heroes and Powers can be unlocked by earning Badges in Competitive matches. While you cannot unlock new Heroes and Powers in the Free Trial, upgrading to the full game will carry over your progress, allowing you to instantly play with any new Heroes or Powers that become available. In addition to the ongoing Season 1 content, Season 1 Continues to Rawk with the upcoming release of Hero N. Gin, who will join the game as a jetpack-powered Booster. Support your team by activating Relic Stations, capturing Gem Pads, and bringing the beatdown to the opposing team. The Crash Team Rumble Free Trial is available now for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. For more information, head to the official Crash Bandicoot website and follow @CrashBandicoot on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok for the latest news and updates.

Crash Team Rumble – Deluxe Edition

For a limited time, you can play the Crash Team Rumble Free Trial and carry over your progression to the full game if you upgrade to the Standard or Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes Crash Team Rumble for Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S, a Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Seasons 1 + 2, and a Digital Proto Pack with various exclusive items. The Proto Pack includes 8 ‘Blocky’ hero skins, a ‘Pixelated’ Shadow, ‘Get On My Level’ In-Game Victory Music, a ‘Blocky’ Hat, a ‘Blocky’ Backpack, ‘Blocky’ Score FX, and a unique Banner. Additionally, you’ll receive a 25 Tier Instant Unlock for Season 1 Premium Battle Pass. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into the all-new Crash experience!

Crash Team Rumble – Standard Edition

Alongside the Deluxe Edition, there is also a Standard Edition available for a limited time. Similar to the Deluxe Edition, you can play the Crash Team Rumble Free Trial and carry over your progression to the full game if you upgrade to the Standard Edition. The Standard Edition includes Crash Team Rumble for Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S and a Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1. It’s time to prepare yourself for an exhilarating and action-packed Crash adventure!

For more information and to experience Crash Team Rumble, visit the official Crash Bandicoot website. Please note that some content may not be available in the Free Trial, and various subscription requirements may apply for online multiplayer on consoles. Visit the website for details regarding activation and redemption dates. Crash Team Rumble is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.