How to find and use Clay in Palia

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Palia: Discovering and Utilizing Clay

In the expansive world of Palia, players have a multitude of collectibles and resources at their disposal. This cozy semi-MMO game offers crafting, fishing, hunting, and bug catching. Players can either sell their discoveries or use them in crafting recipes. But what about Clay? How can players find and use Clay in Palia? Read on for all the clay-related details.

Clay Locations and Usage in Palia

You can mine Clay using a pickaxe. It has a reddish-brown color and resembles stone. Clay can be found along the water, particularly on beaches. In Palia, Clay is primarily used in crafting items like Smoke Bombs.

How To Find And Use Clay In Palia Beach Gillyfin Cove

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Locating Clay in Palia

If you head to the western coast beach Gillyfin Cove, you’ll find an abundance of Clay. The provided picture gives a visual representation of what Clay looks like. Clay can also appear in other places such as Remembrance Beach or Fisherman’s Lagoon, but Gillyfin Cove appears to have the highest concentration. Simply equip your pickaxe and begin mining. On average, you’ll gather around 5 clay per mining session. For efficient farming, start from the top part of Gillyfin Cove and follow the coast towards Fisherman’s Lagoon.

How To Find And Use Clay In Palia Smoke Bomb

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Utilizing Clay in Palia

Clay serves various purposes, but its main use is combining a single clay with a Sundrop Lily to craft 20 Smoke Bombs. Smoke Bombs are essential tools for bug catching. Selling bugs, animal drops, and fish is a lucrative way to earn money in Palia. Don’t forget to collect as much Clay as possible if you’re in those areas, as it has multiple applications!

Palia is currently available for free in Open Beta.