5 best things to do first in Starfield

Discover the Best Ways to Begin Your Journey in Starfield

Starfield is a vast and overwhelming space exploration game that offers players a multitude of options. If you’re unsure of where to start, this article will guide you through the first few hours of gameplay based on my own experience and the insights of other PC Invasion writers. From visiting the Orientation Hall to learning valuable keybinds, here are five essential things to do at the beginning of your spacefaring adventure.

Join the Vanguard and Explore the Orientation Hall

Orientation Hall Starfield

As part of the main campaign, your first task upon arriving at New Atlantis is to visit the UC Vanguard and speak with a contact. Joining the Vanguard unlocks new questlines, loot, bounties, ship parts, and most importantly, the Orientation Hall.

The Orientation Hall serves as a museum that provides a concise and engaging overview of the rich history and factions of the Starfield universe. It’s highly recommended to visit the Orientation Hall to enhance your immersion and gain a deeper understanding of the game’s lore.

Configure Your Quick Menu for Easy Access

Quick Menu Starfield

For a streamlined Starfield experience, it’s crucial to bind your weapons and useful items to the Quick Menu. The Quick Menu allows you to access up to 12 items quickly by pressing the ‘Q’ key or using the D-Pad on a controller. This feature enables swift weapon switching and immediate access to healing items, ensuring you’re always ready for action.

To bind items to your Quick Menu, open your Inventory, find the desired item, and select ‘Favorite.’ Focus on binding your guns, melee weapons, and healing items for maximum efficiency.

Sell Unnecessary Items for Credits

Trade Authority Kiosk Starfield

By the time you arrive at New Atlantis for the first time, your Inventory will likely be filled with random junk. Take the opportunity to sell any items you don’t need at Trade Authority Kiosks or stores and earn credits. Selling unwanted items regularly is essential to prevent your Mass meter from reaching its limit and hindering your ability to carry more. Remember to store non-essential items in your ship to free up space for valuable loot.

Upgrade or Acquire a New Ship for Space Battles

Starfield Ship Controls Flight Boost System How To Use Combat Weapons Skills Best

The initial ship you start with in Starfield is far from impressive. Space battles can be challenging at the beginning of the game, so it’s recommended to upgrade your ship or acquire a better one as soon as possible. While purchasing a ship can be expensive, you can also opt to steal one, saving yourself a significant amount of credits. Don’t worry about the morality of this; it’s all for the greater good!

Utilize the Research Laboratory for Crafting

Research Lab Starfield

Did you know that your ship has a research laboratory equipped with a crafting bench? Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Research Laboratory, which allows you to craft various gear using resources collected during your travels. Crafting items such as pharmaceuticals, food, equipment, and weapon mods will greatly enhance your abilities and resource management. The Research Laboratory also provides insights into the necessary skills required to craft specific items, helping you allocate your Skill Points effectively.

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Starfield is available now on Steam and Game Pass.