Where to buy minerals in Starfield? Titanium, Tungsten, Nickel, and more

Where to Purchase Minerals in Starfield

Starfield provides players with a vast array of activities to engage in within its expansive galaxy. Whether you prefer raiding enemy ships or exploring planets and moons for essential upgrade materials, Starfield has something for you. Crafting upgrades and mods is a crucial aspect of the game, requiring players to gather different metals and minerals through mining ventures on various planets. However, is there an alternative way to acquire these minerals? This guide will outline where to buy minerals in Starfield, including titanium, tungsten, nickel, and more.

Where to Buy Minerals in Starfield?

You can purchase minerals in Akila City, which becomes accessible early on in the main story of Starfield. Akila City can be found in the Cheyenne System. Upon reaching Akila City, locating the shop is relatively straightforward. Look for Midtown Minerals.

To find Midtown Minerals in order to buy minerals in Starfield, follow the main entrance into Akila City and continue down the path until you reach The Rock. Just before reaching The Rock, you will notice a building on the left side, accessible through a flight of stairs. This building is Midtown Minerals. Refer to the image below to view the exterior of the shop.

Starfield Buy Minerals Featured

Screenshot by PC Invasion

What Can You Find at Midtown Minerals?

Midtown Minerals offers a wide selection of minerals in Starfield. While it’s unclear if more minerals unlock as the game progresses, the initial selection is already quite extensive. Cobalt, iridium, plutonium, and many other minerals can be found here. I was personally able to acquire the exact minerals I needed for my weapon upgrades, and I hope you can find what you’re looking for as well.

Starfield is now available for purchase on Steam.