How to produce the Emotional Security status in Starfield

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Forming Emotional Security Status in Starfield

When you embark on your cosmic adventures in the game Starfield, you’ll find that you don’t always have to face the challenges alone. By your side, you can have a companion who will fight alongside you, provide assistance in tough situations, and offer valuable commentary during your journey. Over time, as you develop a bond with your companion, you will reap significant rewards. Here’s our guide on how to unlock the Emotional Security status in Starfield.

How to Produce the Emotional Security Status in Starfield

The Emotional Security status grants you an additional 15% experience points (XP) when you engage in battles. Once activated, this status remains in effect for up to 25 minutes. To unlock the Emotional Security status, you need to establish a committed relationship with your companion and sleep in a bed.

Starfield Emotional Security Status Effect In Place

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As long as the Emotional Security status is active, seek out enemy mobs to engage in combat. Although low-level monsters or spacers generally do not yield significant XP, the experience gained accumulates over time. However, when the Emotional Security status is active, XP is acquired at a much faster rate.

To begin the process, you must first find a companion that captures your attention. In my personal adventure, I chose to establish a connection with Andreja, one of the initial companions I encountered. Throughout our extensive journey, I made an effort to engage in conversations with her whenever she seemed to have something to discuss. I also opted for dialogue choices that resonated with her character traits. Keeping in mind her aversion to casualties, I always sought peaceful resolutions. Whenever possible, I selected flirty dialogue options. As our trust grew and our conversations delved deeper, her Divided Loyalties mission became available. I completed the mission with her, which solidified our alliance. Eventually, I had the opportunity to fully commit to our relationship.

Starfield Andreja Following Divided Loyalties Mission Completion

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Once you have established a committed relationship with your companion, ensure that you sleep together. During my adventures, I kept Andreja as my active companion, and we became inseparable. Whenever we encountered a bed, we spent that precious time together. This frequent interaction resulted in the Emotional Security status becoming a common occurrence. You can find beds onboard your ship, or you can invest in a Dream Home and place a bed there. In dire situations, you may even come across beds in enemy territories.

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