Can you complete Pikmin 4 without any Pikmin?

Pikmin 4: New Challenges and Unique Gameplay

Pikmin 4 is a delightful game that offers a relatively easy and forgiving gameplay experience. With no time limits to worry about and resources that can be continually collected, players can enjoy the journey without much stress. However, for those seeking additional challenges, there are ways to push the boundaries of the game’s mechanics.

Exploring Platinum Badges and Dandori Battles

While completing the main story of Pikmin 4 is not particularly difficult, earning platinum badges for the Dandori side-missions can prove to be a tough endeavor. The AI-controlled battles and the lengthy cave level can present significant challenges for players. Some dedicated individuals, like Tom, are taking on the task of collecting all platinum badges as a personal challenge. It requires mastering the Dandori battles, as there are no major glitches to exploit.

Thinking Outside the Box: Can You Beat Pikmin 4 Without Using Any Pikmin?

While contemplating new ways to challenge oneself in Pikmin 4, the idea of completing the game without using any Pikmin may seem absurd but intriguing. Even before the game’s release, discussions emerged in the Pikmin community about “no Oatchi” runs. Oatchi, the new puppy companion, possesses capabilities similar to the Pikmin, leading some to believe that it could overshadow the titular creatures. Reports from players who attempted no Oatchi runs indicate that it is, indeed, possible to beat the game without using Oatchi, although Oatchi is required for 100 percent completion.

The key to success lies in clever strategies, such as utilizing bomb rocks and mines to bypass the need for Oatchi’s abilities in various situations. Additionally, players can grind caves for resources and items, reducing the reliance on Pikmin. However, it should be noted that completing the game without Pikmin is significantly more challenging due to the game’s design. Defeating enemies and gathering raw materials becomes time-consuming when relying solely on Oatchi and the limited offensive capabilities of the Captain.

Unique Ways to Play Pikmin 4: “Piklophobic” and Beyond

Some players have taken the concept of minimizing Pikmin usage to another level. YouTuber Bowborb embarked on a “Piklophobic” run, aiming to grow no Pikmin and preserve all Pikmin at the end of each day, excluding the initial seven Pikmin obtained in the tutorial. Bowborb’s approach involved playing in multiplayer mode, utilizing the Survey Drone to destroy barriers and enemies, and strategically employing wild Pikmin found in caves without plucking them, effectively despawning them.

Though Bowborb could not achieve 100 percent completion using this technique, the progress made was highly impressive. The run presents new challenges, like collecting 100 wild Pikmin, converting them into Purple Pikmin, carrying the treasure, and despawning them in a cave sublevel repeatedly. Despite the limitations, the creativity and unconventional methods demonstrated in the run highlight the versatility and possibilities within the game.

Conclusion: Embracing New Challenges in Pikmin 4

While Pikmin 4 offers an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience, players can spice things up by exploring alternative playstyles. Completing the game without using Pikmin or minimizing Pikmin usage provides unique challenges that test one’s patience, multitasking skills, and ingenuity. As the Pikmin community continues to experiment with different approaches, the realm of possibilities expands further, ensuring that Pikmin 4 remains a captivating and ever-evolving game.