Sex Education: Season 4 Review

The Final Season of Sex Education

The fourth and final season of Sex Education is finally here, streaming on Netflix as of September 21. This season brings us back to the beloved characters of Moordale High School for a bittersweet and rewarding conclusion to the series.

The Quirky Gang

As usual, the characters of Sex Education find themselves in a series of comedic and frustrating situations. Miscommunication is abound as everyone struggles to use their cell phones properly, leading to misunderstandings and aggravation. But through it all, the lovable ensemble keeps us engaged, willing to overlook the frustrating moments for the sake of the characters we’ve come to love.

A Cringe-Comedy Circus

Sex Education is known for its cringe-comedy style, but beneath the surface, there is always a deeper message. The show explores themes of trauma and loneliness, providing compassionate resolutions that touch the heart. The thoughtful inclusivity of the series is one of its greatest strengths.

Changes in the Cast

Season 4 sees the absence of Patricia Allison, Mikael Persbrandt, and Tanya Reynolds. However, their characters’ exits open up new story avenues for the remaining cast. Gillian Anderson’s Jean, in particular, takes on a different storyline as she navigates being a single mother and a new radio sex therapist. This allows for deeper exploration of Jean’s past and adds layers to her character.

A Satisfying Ending

While the ending may not please everyone, the final season of Sex Education still manages to deliver a great conclusion. Otis and Ola may not remain a quirky duo, but their storylines intertwine in interesting ways. Eric embarks on a journey of self-discovery within his church community and finds support and acceptance at Cavendish College. And characters like Adam, Aimee, Isaac, Jackson, Viv, Cal, and Ruby each have their own compelling stories that deal with a range of topics.

A Heartfelt Conclusion

Ultimately, Sex Education strikes a balance between heartfelt moments and the comedic mishaps it’s known for. The show wraps up with a sense of hope and the idea that everyone will be okay, even if they may not initially feel fulfilled. As we say goodbye to these beloved characters, the series leaves us with a warm feeling, ready to embark on their future journeys.