Appodeal & Pollen VC partner to offer a new kind of mobile growth platform | Pocket

Appodeal and Pollen VC have formed a strategic partnership to support app developers and game studios. This collaboration aims to provide these creators with the resources and financial support they need to scale their apps quickly and efficiently.

The partnership builds upon Appodeal and Pollen VC’s shared mission to empower app creators and developers.

Appodeal, known for its innovation in in-app bidding and mobile app growth, and Pollen VC, a provider of credit lines to mobile game and app developers, have joined forces to create a comprehensive solution. This solution combines ad mediation, user acquisition, business intelligence, and financial support.

Pavel Golubeff, CEO and founder of Appodeal, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating: “Pollen VC’s innovative financing solutions perfectly align with our vision to empower app creators to stay independent and retain control over their intellectual property. Together with Pollen VC, we can offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both the operational and financial challenges faced by mobile app businesses, enabling them to scale rapidly and achieve maximum growth.”

Partnership Benefits

This partnership not only benefits current Appodeal users, but also extends to all applicants of the Appodeal Accelerator Program. By partnering with Pollen VC, Appodeal is able to provide non-dilutive financing options and flexible credit lines to mobile app businesses. This allows these businesses to unlock the value of their accounts receivable (AR) and reinvest in user acquisition, without relying on equity funding that would dilute their ownership.

Martin Macmillan, CEO of Pollen VC, also emphasizes the benefits of the partnership, stating: “Appodeal’s comprehensive growth platform and expertise in ad mediation, user acquisition, and business intelligence make them an ideal partner for us. We are excited to work together to provide mobile app businesses with the most simple and transparent financing solutions to supercharge their revenue growth in a safe and capital-efficient way.”

Appodeal and Pollen VC share a commitment to helping mobile app businesses thrive in a competitive market. Through Appodeal’s advanced tools and Pollen VC’s flexible financing options, app creators can optimize their monetization strategies, accelerate user acquisition, and manage ad campaigns all from a single dashboard. Additionally, this collaboration provides app creators with access to financial education tools, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their capital mix.

Starting today, app creators and game studios can join the Appodeal Accelerator Program and apply for a credit line with Pollen VC simultaneously. The application processes are simple and straightforward, and the partnership provides all the necessary tools to evaluate metrics, set up user acquisition campaigns, and optimize finances.

Appodeal: A Self-Service Growth Platform

Appodeal’s all-in-one growth platform includes three key engines: ad mediation, user acquisition, and business intelligence. These tools combine data from various sources, allowing app creators to build user acquisition strategies based on the monetization potential of specific segments.

With just one SDK integration, app developers and publishers gain access to a wide range of growth tools, business insights, and ad demand sources. This enables them to self-publish their apps while maintaining their independence.

Appodeal’s Growth Platform is suitable for publishers of all sizes, eliminating the need for mobile studios to rely on publishers or develop their own business intelligence technologies. Additionally, Appodeal’s Accelerator Program provides tools, resources, and mentorship to scale apps quickly and effectively. Studios can access user acquisition funding, industry-leading tools, and a team of experts to optimize various aspects of their apps.

Pollen VC: Flexible Financing for Mobile App Businesses

Pollen VC offers credit lines to mobile game and app studios, providing them with funding up to four times their monthly revenues. The integration of Pollen VC with app stores and ad networks allows for a flexible line of credit, ensuring that app creators receive funds to their bank accounts on a weekly basis.

By focusing on capital efficiency, mobile studios can reduce or eliminate the need for additional equity financing, improve valuation, and optimize their capital mix. This approach enables creators to safely supercharge revenue growth and maintain control of their businesses.

Pollen VC’s financing solutions are designed to be simple, transparent, and easily understood. They help app creators unlock the value in their accounts receivable and existing users, enabling them to reinvest in user acquisition and scale quickly without relying on dilutive equity funding.

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