Vampire Survivors Latest Update Makes It Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Poncle Announces Whiteout Update for Vampire Survivors

Poncle, the team behind the popular game Vampire Survivors, has recently released the highly anticipated Whiteout update. This free update is now available for PC, Xbox, and Mobile platforms, with a Nintendo Switch release coming soon. Whiteout not only brings the festive spirit of Christmas to the game, but it also introduces a wealth of exciting new content for players to enjoy. Some of the key features include a new bonus stage, challenging achievements, and more.

New Content and Unlockables

To unlock Whiteout, players must gather a total of 20 Orologions. Once unlocked, they will gain access to the Antidote relic and the powerful Glass Fandango weapon. Additionally, if players pick up and fully upgrade the Wings, it will evolve the Glass Fandango. The main objective of Whiteout is to survive for 20 minutes. If players manage to reach the post-game phase, they will be able to discover the Chaos Altermanna in the Tiny Bridge area.

New Playable Character and Cheats

Whiteout introduces She-Moon Eeta as a new playable character. She possesses a unique “CriticalHP skill” that triggers when her health drops below 25%. Additionally, there is a new music track to enhance the gaming experience. Alongside the new content, the developers have included a series of cheats that players can utilize to gain an advantage. Here are the cheats and their effects:

  • duraistruth: Unlocks Antidote relic
  • chapatribe: Unlocks Chaos Altermanna relic
  • cygnusmagnus: Unlocks She-Moon and Glass Fandango
  • buriedinthesnow: Unlocks Whiteout stage

Future Updates and Features

In a recent Steam Blog post, the development team hinted at what players can expect in future updates for Vampire Survivors. The next big update, called “Adventures,” aims to provide players with new stages and descriptions, adding fresh and exciting elements to the gameplay. With Adventures, players will have the opportunity to start new chapters without losing any progress made in the main game. Additionally, the team is actively working on a new cross-save feature, which will be available for beta testing soon.

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