How to change suits in Spider-Man 2

How to Change Suits in Spider-Man 2

With a wide range of 78 suits available in the Spider-Man Insomniac games, fans are excited to choose their favorites. While it may take a moment to unlock this feature, here’s how you can change suits in Spider-Man 2.

To Unlock the Ability to Change Suits

When starting a new Spider-Man 2 campaign, you might notice that the suits tab is initially absent from the pause menu. This is not a glitch or a creative decision by the developers but rather a deliberate choice. Those who pre-ordered the game were promised 10 exclusive suits, with 5 for each Spider-Man. To gain the ability to change suits, you must complete the introductory mission called “Show Me New York,” which is the third main mission following the fight with Sandman.

Image: Insomniac Games

During this mission, Peter will retrieve his spare Spider suit, which grants you the freedom to select any suit you desire. This applies to both Peter Parker and Miles Morales! Simply use the R1 and L1 buttons to navigate to the Suits tab, where you can change the appearance of the Spider-Men at any time. You can even equip the pre-order exclusive suits as soon as you complete this mission. Additionally, you can utilize the pre-order bonus skill points as soon as you level up for the first time.

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